As we drove on the 680 towards San Ramon on a Friday night, I was suddenly taken a back as I gazed out of the window. I remember this feeling.

We were driving down from the Inca ruins, the night sky was clear and the stars were shining — guiding us back to our hotel. The car was quiet, only the sounds of soft breathes coming from tired passengers after a long day of hiking and melting into an all natural mountain hot spring filled the taxi. We were at peace. We were miles and miles away from “home”, yet at that very moment, we were home. The stars shimmered in the night sky and I found myself itching to get out of the car just so I could lay outside and stare up at the stars. There was comfort in seeing the stars miles away from home — because even though I was far from “home” I will always be able to see the stars and remember that we are all under the same sky. We are all under the same sky.

I remembered that feeling. Suddenly, as my friend sped down highway 680 Friday night, I was taken back to Peru. And for those few minutes of sweet serenity, I felt like I was back. I felt like I was home again.

There is so much for me to look forward to, there is so much to live for. I need to keep fighting, I need to keep going. I need to be at peace inside myself. I need to find home within myself.