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I wrote 15 poems pertaining to 2 books and 2 movie (Beasts of the Southern Wild, Incendies, We Need New Names, & Civilization and its Discontents). Somehow I was able to put all the poems in an order that made another story in itself. This is what I came up with. Tell me what y`all think! And if any of you have read/watched any of these works, try guessing which poem goes with which work and why — I’d love to hear what you guys think! 🙂 (and obviously after each break it’s a new poem but try reading it like one whole poem) (oh and some have a pattern and some don’t….but I don’t think that’s important…I’ll stop now).

My land is bounty
Growing, shining, persevering
Learn from the soil
Listen to the thumps of the world
Holding dear to earth
Never weakened, never leaving

Things fell apart the moment you came in
Who knew a single face could bring such fear?
All I could manage was a tight-lipped grin
Then I held my head high and shed no tear
For although you may take away my home
You do not own me, you cannot break me
My people come with me and we will roam;
To freedom, to happiness, let us flee
Little did we know that you followed us
Mocking us, treating us like animals
Our words are different, how could I fuss?
My suffering, my loss, intangible
All that I’ve known and held dear to my heart
All forgotten, destroyed; things fall apart

I inhaled you like you were my last breath
Even though I knew you may bring me death
But I didn’t fear because I wanted you;
You are my addiction I can’t undue

You are my anchor
Pushing me, helping me up
You made me a man

You tore through me,
Out my limbs
I let you go
But you came back
You threw me down
And let me sink
You watched me fall
But felt nothing
I hated you
I resented you
Yet I still love you

I open my mouth
But nothing comes out
I wave my arms
But no one sees
I kick, I squirm
But no one moves
I am suffocating,
But no one cares

You crawled into me
Dug deep into my heart and
Stole all that I’ve known

Screaming, yelling, fighting
Blood shed, heads turned
Everything and everyone gone
Kicked out, ridiculed, judged
Lands barren, empty

Amidst the rain blurring the night sky,
A laughter echoed through the air
Confused, she looked behind her and all around;
but she saw no one there
She suddenly realized that it was her own
Only then did she realize she was undoubtedly all alone

Scared, I ran to you
Save me, renew me, I begged
Instead you slayed me

Please stop feeding me your lifestyle,
I’m allergic

Under the same sun, moon and stars
Yet I feel like a whole ‘nother being

I no longer belong here
A home now filled
with other faces
all from different places
filling in all of the spaces
That they were never welcomed into

I no longer fear
Cause I can now finally
Take care of my own

I walked where you walked
Talked where you talked
Wore what you wore
Cried and pleaded where you did
Held you close to my heart
Because the only traces of you
Were left in the shadows