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I’ve come to the realization that I can never learn to love again until I learn to love myself.
Yeah yeah I know, shouldn’t I have already known that? And the answer is yes. I did know that. But I never accepted it. People always tell each other that it takes time to get over something, or someone. But that isn’t time to “get over” anything, it’s time to learn to accept. Acceptance of how your life is now. Acceptance of how your life will be — what it can be.

We’re going to be constantly faced with bullshit throughout our lives. Shit that makes us want to end our lives because it seems as if nothing can cure this illness that has fallen upon us. Shit that makes us feel nothing, see nothing, hear nothing. Shit that makes us delusional enough to believe that inflicting pain upon ourselves is the only way to survive. We are  not to blame, though. It’s a matter of time until we begin to accept ourselves, our lives. It takes time, yes. Not time to get over someone or anything, but time to accept. Accept and move on.

Because everything will get better if you just try to accept it. Once you begin to try, things will slowly fall into place. Acceptance can lead to wanting to change, and wanting can lead to recovery. It definitely won’t be easy, but just try.