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Excuse me miss, but do I know you?
Your eyes, your lips, your nose
Strange, I’m sure we’ve met
But where?

Oh and your scent!
That sweet lingering smell
I know you, I do
But wait, do I really?

Your eyes are telling me a story
I’m certain
You’ve been hurt, my dear
Let me shield you

What has the world done to you?
What has become of you?
How did you end up like this?
Where did it all go wrong?
Let me know, please
I beg of you, please
How do I help?

Hold on
Don’t leave
I can’t leave like this,
I can’t, I can’t

You are worth more, my dear
You are!
Shhh, shhh
It’s okay, you’re okay

Don’t listen to what they tell you
They’re all lies
Society tries to deceive you into thinking you’re supposed to be more than what you already are
It’s a lie, it all is

Don’t trust them
They’ll only hurt you
Don’t get to close to anyone,
They only disappoint
Oh but honey, trust me that I won’t

Oh sweetie they’re just number
You are more than a grade
Your passions should drive you,
Not your desire to please

Oh, they all play it like it’s a game
A human beings heart is almost as dangerous as their minds
To fall in love
It tugs at your chest and you feel heavy
It forces you to comply to it’s every whim
Everyone says that “the one” is worth waiting for
But why must be go through the agony of waiting?
For what?
Oh, no no no
Do not wait for love
Do not think you are inadequate for being alone


To want to make sense of the world
In itself is hopeless, my dear
There is much to learn, much to see, much to experience
Nothing is definite, including you

But why hide?
Why stay locked up here?
To fear is nothing out of the ordinary
So why do you still hide?

Is what I said not enough?
What more can I do to convince you that you matter?

She said nothing
Absolutely nothing
Because no words, no actions can ever be enough
For her to see that there is more to this world than she knows
That there are opportunities for her to pursue
That happiness is real and obtainable

You are right, you are absolutely right
Oh sweetie you have opened my eyes
Stay closed honey, stay locked
Don’t open your doors, build your walls up higher!
The world is a dangerous place, don’t wander away from what you know
It’s all a lie, it’s all a lie


No, she said
Stop, she said
You don’t understand
You are not me, nor I you
Don’t follow my foot steps
They will lead you no where

Here, she said
Leave, she said

But dear, I can’t

Why, she said

Because sweetie,
I am you and you are me.
Look at yourself, look closely
I know you, I do


* This is still in the works! Rough rough draft. 🙂 *